Not Just a Pretty Face

For years interviews with female celebrities have involved sexist and pointless questions. Over the past few years female celebrities have countered these questions and called the interviewer out on the sexist questions often throwing them off guard like Anne Hathaway did in an interview about the Dark Knight movie.  Many of the questions revolve around the celebrities looks, weight, and diets.

Scarlett Johansson has been very vocal about this issue and have call interviewers out on questions. In one interview she asked why she gets the rabbit food questions while Robert Downey Jr.  got asked about character development. That interview can be found here. In fact almost all of the Avengers cast has called them out on it.

In an interview done by  Cosmopolitan UK, Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the new Avengers Movie, got asked the typical girl questions while Scarlett Johansson got asked the typical male questions. The interview can be found here. I found this very refreshing. Mark didn’t know how to respond at first so Scarlett helped him.

Over the weekend the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner took place where comedian Cecily Strong made the media promise to not talk about Hillary Clinton’s looks during her campaign because that is not journalism. That speech can be found here. 

In communication classes you learn what makes a good news story. In none of the classes was I ever told that  celebrities diets, if they wore underwear under their costumes,and similar questions that have nothing to do with the new movie, TV show, music  they are suppose to be talking about in the interview. I find it wrong that in 2015 women are still being asked these questions and getting comments made about their looks.


Sims Come To Life

Old Spice has been behind many weird and odd advertisements for it’s products. Recently Old Spice partnered with with Twitch TV and created an interactive advertisement for their new collection called Fresher which came in three scents.  The highlights and story behind this ad can be read here. 

The ad was set up like a Sims game where the people of the internet told the guy in the “game” what to do. The person in the “game” was a real person with a camera attached to them. Internet users would use a chat window to tell him what to do.

Some of the commands he was given was to eat the chill flakes from the tree and put the pizzabear from the pizza tree on his head. He was also commanded to fight a “bear” which was a person dressed like one. People could tell him what to do for breakfast such as throw cookie dough and put mayonnaise on his face.  At night the camera would show him sleeping which some people didn’t like because they couldn’t control him which made Old Spice release a tweet explaining he is a real person.

Old Spice also had emoticons that could be sent via emotomessage in the chat that controlled the person. The emoticons all had OS in front of it for Old Spice which I thought was an interesting marketing move. One of the emoticon was a deodorant stick which was one of the products they were trying to sell. They were used as reinforcements of the product at hand and added more fun for the users.

I think this was a good move for Old Spice. The man on the horse was getting predictable. This also made it more interactive which engaged their customers. I liked the idea and other companies should do similar stuff.

Girl Scouts- For every girl everywhere

Upon completing my final year of Girl Scouts I registered to be a lifetime member, meaning I will always be a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts helped me become who I am. They have a motto that states that Girl Scouts is for “every girl, everywhere.” I have seen this motto being held to the full extent of the meaning. I have seen girls who have disabilities, girls who were gay, girls who were religious and non religious. I have seen girls who are punk rock, tomboy, and country. I have seen girls of all skin colors and ethic backgrounds. I have seen fat girls and skinny girls and all those in-between. Girl Scout troops have accepted everyone just as they are.

Recently a Utah Girl Scout troop opened their troop to boys who identify as girls and gender fluid individuals. The full story can be read here. I would say this is a big step for the scouting world but Girl Scouts has always been open minded and accepting as long as your orientation is female. Unlike boy scouts who ban gay leaders and only recently allowed openly gay scouts.

At the meeting there were five girls who were all born female. The leaders think more girls, gender fluid individuals and transgirls will join once they know they are welcomed and it is a safe place. When  I was in high school and I first learned about all the orientations someone could be I asked my leader if a transgirl would be accepted and she said she didn’t know. I guess I can go and tell her now the answer. I hope more troops are open to the idea of having girls who have been excluded from joining other groups based on their sex at birth.

“Don’t play with your food!”

My mom use to yell at me all the time because I would play with my food before I ate it. Well thanks to two MIT students in the MIT media lab I can taking playing with my food to the next level.

These students created a product called “Makey Makey.” A Makey Makey is a circuit board with alligator clips that works with your computers keyboard.  There are some free programs already out there to play with but you can create your own using programming software which is what I hope to do.  You can clip these clips on to almost anything and make things happen. Here is a YouTube video of what others have done with it.

Some of the ideas are playing the piano with fruit. Another idea is playing classic video games with fruit, candy, paper, etc. I ordered myself one after seeing it in one of my communications classes. I was so happy to try it out.

makeI experimented with a variety of materials such as oranges, Swedish Fish candy, gummy bears and paper drawn on with thick pencil. My roommates thought it was so cool.

I am hoping to use this technology in the summer camp I do every Summer. It is a fun and easy way to introduce kids to the STEM field. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Also camp is where you get to do things that your parents wouldn’t allow such as playing with food, so playing a piano out of candy would be a dream come true.

I am so glad this technology exists and I hope to continue learning how to use it in more and more creative ways. I am  currently doing tutorials on how to use the software to program the Makey Makey.

I Love My Future Job

With graduation fast approaching I been thinking a lot about my future in the field of communications especially in public relations. My university campus doesn’t have specific communication majors so we get to try out all the fields and gain skills in them. I have done graphic design, video editing, sound editing, public relations, and advertising to name a few.

When I graduate I want to do public relations. I love making media kits. I love writing news releases and feature stories. I like making storyboards for commercials and pitching ideas. I like the creativity the career requires. I also like that it keeps you on your toes since social media is a big part of the field.

If the public relations world is like my classes I will love it. Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I think this will ring true once I walk across the stage and start applying to places.

I Miss My Uniform

I wore uniforms for twelve years of my life, similar to those above. During those twelve years I hated it. When I got to college I was so excited that I could finally wear my own clothes. The first few weeks were fun but then it got annoying. I had to wake up earlier or stay up later to plan an outfit to wear. I was missing my uniform.

As graduation is fast approaching I need to start thinking of professional outfits to wear in the workforce. When I had to dress up professionally in college I wore the same three outfits. They were kind of like uniforms. Harpers Bazaar  recently did a story about a women who decided she was going to wear a “uniform” to work each day. The article could be read here.  She decided that picking out outfits were hard to do everyday because the wrong accessory  or sweater could make your outfit too formal or not formal enough. She also pointed out what I been saying for years, men get away easy with suits.

If a man can wear the same thing everyday in the workplace why not women? Plus having a “uniform” takes the pain out planning outfits. Never thought I would say this but I want my uniform back!

Deaf Not Dumb


Deaf Not Dumb was a campaign poster I made as part of my portfolio to get into my universities graphic design program. Due to some unforeseen consequences I never submitted it. To enter the program you had to create a poster about something you care about.

Around this time was when I started getting tested to see why my ear kept “shutting off”. It was determined that I had Meniere’s disease, which is unpredictable. Some people go completely deaf while others slowly lose their range of hearing from it. The thought of going deaf scared me so I did a ton of research and found out about famous deaf people. A lot of the people had to deal with struggles because of their hearing. Some of these struggles were not being taken seriously or being thought of as dumb because they couldn’t “speak.” This inspired me to do my poster.

Along the side of the poster are the letter S-M-A-R-T spelling smart in American Sign Language (ASL). When I was younger I would use ASL because of my speech problems. People would  ask me a question and I would sign the answer instead of speaking it and they didn’t understand ASL so they thought I was just waving my hands because I was stupid. I knew I was smart, my mom knew I was smart because I would talk to her in ASL and I did well on paper.

Deaf Not Dumb played on the double meaning of the word dumb. The first meaning was stupid, the second was not being able to speak. Even though these people didn’t necessarily speak using their voices they still spoke using Sign Language. Also these people were far from dumb such as  Annie Jump Cannon (picture above,bottom first from the right) who created the mnemonic device, “Oh! Be A Fine Girl — Kiss Me!” which people in the  astronomy field still use. To read more about her click here.

I understood the struggles these famous people felt and wanted the poster to shed light on the fact that the only thing different between them and you were they were deaf/hard of hearing. If I were to actually launch this campaign I would have the QR Code bring you to a page that talked about these people and many more.